Technologies available in Advanced ID Asia Engineering


- Wire Cutting Process

With the DWS 2000 we can process cable wire sizes up to AWG 12 with a tolerance of +-0.2mm stripping and cutting on both ends.

wire cutting machine

- Terminal Crimping

Our terminal crimping machines are capable of in process crimp force monitoring to have a traceabilty for the quality of the work even after years since we store all data on our own server. On top we are controlling the pull force of the crimping on regular basis with our inhouse quality test equipment to ensure optimun performance and safety of the process. Our minimum pitch possible is 1mm with AWG30 cables.

- End Sleeve Pressing

Any end sleeve requirements are met by our in house  mechanical engineering capabilites. We design and manufacture the jigs and equipments for the production by ourselves and qualify them by automotive standards like ISO/TS 16949:2008  . We do our own MSA and R&R on a regular bases as defined in the Control Plan.

- Assembly

Our Assembly capabilities are enhanced by adhering to the automotive standard of ISO/TS 16949:2008. This means that every production whether it is a customer specific product (OEM ) or our own product ( RFID,Tags) are manufactured according to Control Plan. All processes are documented and stored in our server for traceablity. In-process control is made by our Quality department which is reporting directly to managment.

- Macromelt Moulding

Due to our own development of Macromelt Injection Machines we are able to support the full range of possiblities (incl mold making ) for this unique material which is nowadays used in many applications. Our inhouse production is  tailored for the need of any product related to this process. We have both types in use - single workstation as well as twin workstation.

- Twisting

Our ELMER  Twisting Machine  is programmable for twisting wire length of up to 1.5mtr in any pitch and turn combination required. We twist currently PFA / PTFE and Standard cables.

- Final testing

We are manufacturing our own final tester from cable connection tester up to RFID tag test programming equipment

- Conformal Coating

If required we do conformal coating like Dow Corning   I-2577 RTV/VOC Coating inhouse in a special designed ventilated room which is also ESD conform.

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