What is Macromelt

Macromelt Molding is a low Pressure moliding process by using hot melt adhesives to achieve superior sealing and protection of electro/electronics components. This superior technology offers higher productivity compared to those widely used in current sealing process such as the 2-component casting / potting resins or silicones. This process is environmental-friendly and contributes to total cost reduction through significant improvement in productivity.

Macromelt Molding offers the features described below


Low Injection Pressure

Conventional injection molding by engineering plastic (e.g. PA, PBT) will cause critical damage to sensitive electrical component such as sensors, switches, connectors or PCB’s during the encapsulation process due to its high injection pressure. Macromelt Moliding offers a low pressure moldling process to ensure the integrity of electric/electrical components.


Improved Productivity

Hotmelt adhesives offer a very short process time compared to 2-component systems such as PU and epoxy, which require chemical reaction for curing. For example, PCB over-molding by 2- component PU takes hours to be completed. In addition, 2-component PU process also requires a case or housing to receive mixed resin which is in liquid form when filled. Macromelt Molding process reduces the total amount of molding material used for sealing through the elimination of a case or housing, resulting in a significant increase of productivity.


Material Adhesion

The best material for Macromelt Molding is hotmelt adhesive, which has a good adhesion to various substrates. Engineering plastics (e.g. PA, PBT, ABS0) do not have any adhesion properties. Henkel’s hotmelt adhesive, Macromelt, Macroplast and Technomelt series are designed to have a good adhesion producing water-tightness sealing to various substrates. In addition, our technology also offers protection against moisture, dust, vibration, strain and give electrical insulation. These properties will improve the reliability of electrical components.

Polyamide hotmelt "Macromelt OM"
Macromelt is a thermoplastic hotmelt adhesive based on natural fatty acid, dimmer acid, and owns superior adhesion to plastics e.g. ABS, PBT, PVC. It offers lower temperature flexibility, wide range of service terperature and superior molding property.

Polyolefin hotmelt "Macromelt Q", "Technomelt Q"
Offers superior adhesion to PP, PE, PET and shows lower moisture adsorption.

Reactive polyurethene hotmelt "macroplast QR"
Offers lower injection tempurature, around 120 °C, and shows good adhesion to metals without pre-heating.


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